The 27th Annual Craft, Gift & Food Fair

8th and 9th October  10.30am to 4pm
High Street, Balsham, Cambridge CB21 4DJ

Adults – £2 (includes free tea/coffee)
Children under 16- 50p

Are you looking for something a little unique, luxurious or maybe something a little quirky? Are you looking for that special gift or perhaps some distinctive accessories not found on the High Street at affordable prices?  Or are you looking to buy gifts for Christmas that will impress?  Look no further than the Meadow School’s Craft, Gift & Food Fair!

Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever blog… I thought this would be a great way to tell you a little more about our fair and what to expect.

We are in a fortunate position to be full already (April) on the craft side although still looking for more food stalls.  This year we have over 50 stalls and the fair virtually takes up the whole of school.  It does makes it hard for us to expand now and take on more stall holder wannabe’s. We have a fairly extensive database now but always are looking to expand this even more.

This year, we have 12 new stall holders selling high quality, exquisite and beautifully locally made crafts and gifts along with a variety food stalls.  To cater for the younger visitors we have our ever popular, fully stocked Tombola, sweet stall, lucky dip and face painting feature along with our regular stall holders.

There are a good variety of stalls which our visitors love. To give you a taste of who to expect to see during the course of the weekend are:


The Other Mrs Beaton. Jennifer loves to crochet lots and lots of loveliness and any such yarn frippery…  Jen was a History and PSHCE teacher until after her daughter was born, around 4 years ago where she started to become a campaigner/blogger/crocheter. She learned to blog, starting writing articles and crocheted some more. Jen learned to crochet from You Tube and books.  “After throwing it across the room, something clicked and I got hooked on hooking” Jen mainly crochets as calm down at the end of the day. She enjoys colour and texture and particularly feels it is a great antidote in the “real world”.


Molten Wonky sells these most amazing, quirky and unique glass infused decorations. I absolutely adore Katie’s work, I’m probably one of her best customers 😉

Katie set up Molten Wonky in 2009 from her home and studio after all of her children started primary school in North Essex.  Katie originally studied stained glass windows at Chelsea School of Art and loved working with glass and enjoyed the fact that she could work in a much freer way. Molten Wonkey has slowly grown from being a hobby into a small business.

Katie’s first range of fused glass Wonkys were some Christmas decorations.  Wonkylands were added to the range in 2010 an d now has ranges of hearts, birds, jewellery, bunting, greeting cards, all of which you can find in the products section on her website below.

Quirky, colourful and original products are at the core of what is she is trying to achieve with Molten Wonky. Katie works in a haphazard way which is how she creates her brilliant, amazing and unique decorations.


Sam Flind, a local artist paints beautiful pictures of wildlife, landscapes and seasonal themes. Sam is a self taught artist. She has always loved drawing and from being a very small girl, thought there was nothing more wonderful than a fresh pad of paper, new pens and pencils to practice sketching the world around her.

Sam grew up in rural Wales and then South Devon and now lives in pretty North Essex. Sam is a biologist, so much of her career has involved jobs studying plants, mammals, fungi and insects so feels nature, wildlife, land and seascapes are close to her heart and finds them a great inspiration to take up her pencil or paint brush and try to capture its shape, colour and essence.


DizzyDollyLou. Louise is an amazing jewellery artist who works in fine (99.9%) silver and loves to make jewellery that is unique and personal to the individual. Some of her pieces are “one offs’” however, if you see something you like Louise will be able to tailor make it to your requirements or if you have something in mind, please get in touch with her.  DizzyDollyLou isn’t just for children it is for any loved one.  DizzyDollyLou is not your average keepsake jeweller!! DizzyDollyLou also produces a few felted artworks each year, most of them one off’s!


The Fabric Vase Company. You can often find Heather in charity shops looking for pure wool jumpers or in the studio behind the sewing machine. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion and Textiles and has worked in many different fields of Art and Design.

Heather recycles old cashmere and wool sweaters and creates them into unusual brooches and soft vases which are designed to use a glass/jar/plastic bottle to hold water and of course flowers. All made handmade in Ely.


Sally Thake Jewellery. Sally designs and creates beautiful jewellery using ceramic beads. Sally’s beading journey started about 4 years ago when, wanting some “me” time, took herself off to a one-day introductory course in jewellery making and she became hooked.

Sally experiments with lots of different beading techniques, some of which were successful, some less so. Sally’s main interests for now include bead weaving, Kumihimo and using artisan beads in unique, colourful, pieces. She loves trying different colour combinations, as well as tried-and-tested mixes.


Amanda Banham Ceramics. Amanda is currently studying illustration part time as a mature student at Anglia Ruskin University, graduating in 2017 after 6 years. Amanda likes a practical approach to life and so decided a while back to apply her illustrations to ceramics. Amanda loves simple shapes, mark making, screen printing, animals and collage and collaborate these elements into her designs using slips, glazes, as well as screen prints and ceramic decals with my own illustrations. All works are made of stoneware.

On the food side, you can expect to see Alison Reed ChocolatesAlison makes all of her chocolates in Cambridge and come in the most delectable flavours such as her caramel selection: milk chocolate caramels with sea salt, hazelnut, mint, coffee, apple and banana; as well as vodka, lime and white chocolate; or raspberry and chill, just to name a few. You will not find anything else that will come close. These chocolates are simply exquisite and luxurious. You can buy her chocis via Etsy:


Borakis Greek Foods. Sample a bit of Crete in you your own home.  Yannis and Anne Borakis Greek Foods import all of their own olives, olive oils, goats and sheep cheeses, Greek mountain honey from Yannis’ home country, Crete. Yannis and Anne will also be selling their infamous spinach pies ‘Spanakopita’ made from their delicious sheep cheese, and all pastry is made according to a traditional recipe using their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Wild Flour Kitchen. If you are a savory person, look no further!  The Wild Flour Kitchen will be selling their locally made (from Cardinals Green) yummy scotch eggs, sausage rolls, pork pies, steak and kidney puddings, lamb and rosemary pies,  Christmas puddings all  using locally sourced free range ingredients.

This is just a small taster as to what you can expect to see over the course of the weekend.

Come along and support our local designers, artists, crafters and food makers.  These men and women spend many hours perfecting their crafts and foods so that they can offer you something special and unique. A craft fair is great way for them to show off their talents to you and it is also a great meeting point to exchange ideas and views.  When you buy from a small business, you won’t be lining a CEO’s back pocket, you will be helping a Mum or Dad to give their little girl dance lessons, their little boy a pair of footballs boys, maybe helping to pay their mortgage, put food on their tables or allow them to buy something a little extra.

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3 thoughts on “The 27th Annual Craft, Gift & Food Fair

  1. Reblogged this on The Other Mrs Beaton and commented:
    I LOVE doing this craft weekend with my woolly partner in crime Nat’s Fairy Knits. We’re both mums at the school and it’s our way of taking part in a community event that raises money for a great cause. This year, I’ll be working on a YarnBomb Challenge on the Saturday and Sunday, and selling the final piece online with a proportion of proceeds going to the school.

    You can find out more about it, and adding your yarn bomb suggestions by clicking the link here!


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