Application to Apply for a Pitch

To ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to apply for a pitch at the 29th Craft, Gift & Food Fair Balsham, the committee have decided to ask for vendors to come forward and apply for a stall on-line.

We will be receiving many more applications than we have space for. Sadly, we are unable to accommodate you all and cannot guarantee all of you a stall. Therefore, to avoid duplication and to give everyone the best opportunity to attend our fair, we will use a ballot to allocate pitches.  As we are always striving to keep our fair successful with both yourselves, our visitors and the Meadow School, we need to keep our fair fresh with new stalls which is why we have taken this approach.  We are aiming to have at least 40% new stall holders for the fair in 2019.

If you wish to be considered for a stall at the Craft, Gift & Food Fair, please complete the application form to apply for a stall at the fair, below.

Please complete this form and then submit.  Please DO NOT submit this form before Monday 28th January 2018 as your application WILL NOT BE valid.  The deadline for all submissions is Monday 1st April 2019.  Any applications received after this date will also NOT BE valid.

All applications received before Monday 1st April will be considered and reviewed where a decision on who the successful applicants for 2019 will be made towards the end of April.

Submitting this form does not automatically allocate you a pitch. Once all the applications have been reviewed and a decision has been made you will be notified if you have been successful or not by the end of April.  Our decision is final.  Please do respect our decision.

Once you have been notified, payment will be due within 14 days.  If payment is not received within this time frame, it is likely your allocated pitch will be forfeited and the opportunity will be passed onto the next person on our waiting/reserve list.

Before submitting, you must spend a moment or two reading our terms and conditions.

If you do not have a website/facebook/etsy page, please email us 4 photos of your crafts and your stall set up to

Please, no franchises.  The Craft, Gift & Food Fair Balsham is purely for talented crafters and designers to sell their designs.

Thank you.


From 2017 this will be a mandatory requirement for all stall holders.  If you do not hold this insurance your application may become invalid.

Facebook: balshamcraftfair 

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