Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Pitch

Please read our updated Terms and Conditions.  Failing to adhere to these will only result in your application being refused.

Please note that the fees have increased this year.  It is now £40 for one day and £50 for two days.

There is no option for you to choose between the hall and the classrooms. This will be to the organiser’s discretion. Vendors will be positioned according to their crafts to avoid duplication in close proximity.  Please be assured that there will be an equal amount of traffic coming through the hall and the classrooms on the day.

The organiser reserves the right to position stall holders in the most suitable location for the benefit of the flow of the Craft, Gift & Food Fair.

Included in your fee will be a complimentary tea/coffee in the morning and afternoon delivered to your stall.

Cash or cheque payment is acceptable.   BACS transfers are also available.

Full payment must be received within two weeks of receiving confirmation of your place. In the event of a cheque not clearing, an additional fee of £10 will be uncured in order to cover charges.

Payment details will be included in a separate email once you have been accepted as a vendor.

Public Liability Insurance:
All stall holders must have their own public liability insurance.  Please send a copy of this along with your payment.  If you are paying electronically, please email a copy to us.

Failure to provide proof of insurance within the requested time period (end of April) will result in processing your application and it may mean you lose your allocated pitch to the next vendor on our reserve list.

Neither the organiser nor the Meadow Primary School will accept liability for any loss or damage to a stall holder’s property or person.

Setting Up:
Stall holders are responsible for setting up their displays and for clearing them away.  Setting up shall only take place between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on Friday 6th October and again on Saturday/Sunday between 8am and 10.30am.  Clearing away will be between 4pm to 4.30pm on the day you leave. Please do not arrive any earlier than 4.30pm on Friday, it is unlikely we may not be ready for you.

Stall holder’s exhibits may not be hung from the walls of the school without prior permission of the organiser.

Tables are supplied by the organiser. Tables in the hall are 7 foot (220cm) long and just under 2 foot (55cm) deep with a foot gap between each stall).  Trestle tables in the classrooms are 6 foot (180cm) by 3 foot (60cm). If your stall is bigger than 8 foot please let the organiser know in advance so you and other stall holders can be accommodated.  The organiser reserves the right to ask the stall holder to reduce the size of their stall if necessary.

Stall holders are permitted to bring their own tables provided they do not exceed the pitch size stated above.

Tombola Donations:
Each stall holder agrees to donate a prize for the Meadow School’s Tombola on the day of the event. This prize needs to be one of the products that you are selling along with a business card to promote your business further.

A £5 gift vouchers will also be accepted.   Please make up your voucher in advance. If you wish, you may send this in with your cheque payment.

If you are in a position of having to cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as possible to allow us to contact our reserve list.   Ideally, cancellations must be made before Monday 25th September 2017.  Please bear in mind, if you cancel after the 25th September we are highly unlikely to be able to refund you unless we do find a replacement stall holder.

Fees will be only refunded as the discretion of the organiser.

If you booked in for two days, you do not need to break down your stall. The school is securely locked and alarmed overnight.

There is a strict no-smoking rule on the grounds of the school including the Craft, Gift & Food Fair.  This must be observed by all stall holders.

In the event of a fire, plesae evcauate immediately at the nearers fire exit leaving all personal belongings to you and congregate on the playing field behind the school.  A detailed map will be avialable on your table upon your arrival.

This is available for you to use for electronic purchasing and social media promotion only.

1.Submitting your application form does not guarantee a space in your preferred location.  There is only a limited amount of space in the hall and the classrooms therefore we can only accept so many vendors. The organiser will position vendors accordingly to their craft to ensure there is little duplication within close proximity.  The organiser will consider all applications, providing there is adequate information and stalls holders have a valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Once you received our approval or rejection, the decision of the organiser is final.
The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to, or to remove any stall holder for infringing any of the above conditions.

2.Success of your stall will be influenced by the way you decorate/dress it.  To attract visitors and encourage them to spend time browsing on your stall, please feel free to use any form of lighting such as fairy lights and lamps; bunting; small stands; table clothes, etc.   Also, please do remember the usual etiquette; be alert and engage with your visitors and not be otherwise distracted by social media or by any other means.

The organisers have done much hard work in advertising this event and therefore cannot accept responsbility of the lack of sales.

Thank you.

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